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Bicycling in Savannah

Bicycling in Savannah


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The Savannah Bicycle Campaign welcomes you to go for a ride through Savannah.

The city’s squares not only make Savannah one of the most beautiful cities in North America, they also have a traffic calming effect in the National Historic Landmark District and in other parts of the city where Oglethorpe’s plan has served as a model and inspiration. Add Savannah’s flat terrain and moderate climate, and the result is a wonderfully bikeable city. More than 12 million people visited Savannah in 2011, and a growing number are bringing their bicycles with them. Once here, they pedal along with local college students, commuters and recreational cyclists.

Explore the people watching to be seen at City Market, and Ellis Square, with convenient bicycle parking at street level. Window shop on Barnard Street, or stop and pop in to a store to a local store to find a souvenir, bicycle parking is readily available and free. Take the South bound bike lane on Price Street, and experience Savannah’s many architectural style as you make your way to Ardsley park. Cross over Victory Drive on to the Chatham Crescent and view Savannah’s first suburb. Make your way on to Washington Avenue and ride through the center of Daffin Park to experience live oak shade.

There are many routes in Savannah; each will take you some where new and exciting. Recapture that childlike joy of exploration and freedom gained by touring Savannah by bicycle. We hope you enjoy cycling in our city during your visit, and ride safe!

Rules of the Road

Do not ride through the squares
You may ride your bike on the road around the squares, but Riding through the squares is against the law. Parts  of Forsyth Park are open for bicycling  look for signage announcing the dismount zone.
Do not ride on the sidewalk
This is dangerous because as a person in a car might not be looking to the sidewalk  to see vehicles such as bicycles entering the street.
Do wear a helmet
Helmets are required for children under 16, your mother would approve of this practice.

Do use hand signals to navigate the streets
Signaling movements communicates with other users of the street.

Do drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen
Here in the South hydration is key, be sure to stay hydrated, and take a break at one of our wonderful establishments if necessary.

Do use lights if riding at night
Use a white light for the front and a red light for the back, riding with out lights at night is against the law.

Do lock your bike
If you are not riding on your bike it is best to lock it to one of the many bike racks around Savannah. It is best to bring your bicycle indoors at night.

Explore Savannah

You can cruise around the Historic District, pedal like a local  South of Forsyth Park or ride under shady trees in Daffin Park.  

With parking in the historic district being so limited, riding a bike is not only eco-friendly, it will save you the headache of hunting for a parking spot.

If you need a break, hop on a Chatham Area Transit(CAT) Bus for $1.50 per one way ride or $3.00 for a day pass. Buses run daily and are equipped with bike racks for transporting you and your bicycle around Savannah

Award Winning Bicycling

AwardSavannah is a Bronze Level Bicycle Friendly Community as awarded by the League of American Bicyclists.  The Savannah Bicycle Campaign is working toward becoming an even more bike-friendly town, by advocating for the implementation of a Complete Streets Policy and providing bicycle programming in Savannah.

Bicycling in Savannah

Bicycle Rack in Savannah