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City Market


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City Market is a charming 2 block area surrounded by eclectic retail shops, art galleries, nightlife and restaurants.

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  • 2017-02-25

    The Ambiance!

    Loved to spend time in the City Market with its multiple options for eating at different price points and access to shopping. Enjoyed listening to musicians play and watching impromptu dancing when...

  • 2017-02-24

    Small scale Quincy Market of Boston

    If you know Boston's Quincy Market, this would be a slight disappointment. It's a small pedestrian area with only a handful of interesting shops. The rest is either overpriced or gimmicky. The only...

  • 2017-02-24

    Not quite what we expected

    Somehow we thought that this would be more of an open market or stalls of a larger building. The pedestrian only area is nice for being outside, but there were not as many shops as we had expected...


  • It was a nice evening stroll through City Market on a nice cool evening before heading down to the Riverfront. That night there was musical entertainment...