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City Market


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City Market is a charming 2 block area surrounded by eclectic retail shops, art galleries, nightlife and restaurants.

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  • 2017-03-25

    Fun place

    The city market is really two blocks of the city that have several bars and restaurants and various touristy shops clustered together. There is a little park nearby as well. This is a fun place to...

  • 2017-03-23

    Great atmosphere

    This place was happening!!! Lots of outdoor seating. A variety of restaurants from bar food, ice cream and fine dining. In the evenings they also have live music. Great place to people watch and...

  • 2017-03-22

    Small as markets go

    Somewhat pleasant stroll, but not very interesting shops or restaurants. We expected a lot more. Information booth can be helpful for other ideas of places to go and how to get there.


  • This is a nice spot to bring your tourist friends or to act like tourist for the day! Don't even feel compelled to buy anything, except maybe food because...