Get Your Motor Runnin' at Savannah Harley-Davidson

Savannah Harley-Davidson

Savannah Harley-Davidson

Just on the outskirts of the Savannah city limits lies the Gateway community. The name mimics the location: the fringes of the area and an entrance into the attractions of Savannah. Gateway houses a mixture of hotels, stores, a stunning botanical garden, a handful of restaurants (like Love’s Seafood), a neighborhood…oh, and a Harley-Davidson dealership.

Harley-Davidsons are, perhaps, one of the most well-known motorcycles in the world. What started as a company formed by two friends at the turn of the century (more specifically, 1903) has grown into a world-renowned business. Visitors of Downtown Savannah might have walked past the Harley merchandise store on River Street, a staple in that location since 1997.

But, it’s the Harley store on Fort Argyle Road that’s truly a sight to see. Although the store has been in the Gateway community since 1994, they made the move to their current building in 2015. Now the shop sits on the cusp of I-95, so every driver will turn their head. First, you see towering windows combined with modern architecture and stainless steel trimmings, like a giant motorcycle perched on the side of the building. Orange and black are apparent. If you walk inside, you’ll immediately be transported into every die-hard motorcycle fan’s dream. Motorcycles and bikes are everywhere.

The new location and larger facility allow the staff to really give their customers a Harley-Davidson experience. (In fact, this particular store has awards to prove their excellence, including a Silver Bar & Shield Award from Harley-Davidson in 2016.) The move itself was spurred on by the volume of their customers: They outgrew the previous location. Beyond the full line-up of motorcycles and seemingly endless array of merchandise, the facility has factory-trained technicians and service staff to help with everything from checking the tire pressure to conducting a road test.

Speaking of riding, this Gateway dealership also offers rider courses through the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy. Although the service was offered at their previous building, riders had to go to an off-site location for the training. Because of their new location, this Harley shop had the ability to construct a large, state-of-the-art riding course. The “New Rider” Course introduces people to the thrill and responsibility of owning their own Harley. They’ll learn the basics of driving a motorcycle as well as the riskier situations like controlling skidding. The next level offered at the dealership is “Skilled Rider” Course, where students take on swerving, surmounting objects and other risk management skills. In addition to their yearlong rider training courses, the facility also hosts a handful of events. One of their major festivities happens on Veteran’s Day weekend. A Harley-Davidson demo truck unloads a fleet of brand-new motorcycles, available for test-drives throughout the event. So if you’re thinking of purchasing a Harley, this event is the perfect opportunity to give your dream bike a spin!

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