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The safety of our visitors is our highest priority and we always want you to have the resources you need to make informed travel decisions when it comes to COVID-19 (or Coronavirus). Read on for the latest information on how Savannah is keeping our convention attendees safe. 

Safety Measures at the Savannah Convention Center

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Savannah Safe Community Program

Per Governor Kemp's executive order, all Savannah conventions will implement additional measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Such measures include:

  1. Placing signage at any entrance to instruct patrons that they cannot enter if they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, have exhibited Symptoms of COVID-19, or had contact with a person that has or is suspected to have COVID-19 within the past fourteen (14) days and have not completed the Post-Exposure Quarantine Protocol;
  2. Placing signage at any entrance and throughout the facility providing information regarding enhanced sanitation procedures, Social Distancing, and other instructions and limitations, as applicable, set forth below;
  3. Requiring all Workers who have frequent contact with patrons to wear a face covering while at the facility, provided, however, that such Workers shall be permitted to remove their face coverings while eating and drinking, if due to warm weather, or because other extenuating circumstances the face covering is causing difficulty breathing;
  4. Providing other Personal Protective Equipment to Workers as available and appropriate to the function and location of Workers within the facility;
  5. To the extent practicable, screening all individuals at entrances and preventing any person from entering that exhibits Symptoms of COVID-19;
  6. Requiring that all individuals exhibiting or experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19 at any time while at a Convention be isolated and leave the facility as soon as practicable;
  7. Providing training to Workers on how to identify Symptoms of COVID-19 in any individuals present, the proper processes for assisting a potentially ill individual with exiting the facility, and the appropriate infection mitigation procedures to perform in such an event;
  8. Providing an isolation area or areas for individuals experiencing Symptoms of COVID-19 that are unable to immediately leave the Convention;
  9. To the extent practicable, utilizing contactless parking systems, registration, check-in, check-out, security checks, coat/bag checks, and/or sales;
  10. If transportation to or from Convention events and activities is provided to patrons, to the extent practicable, conducting all transportation in such a way that maintains Social Distancing and regularly sanitizing the transportation vehicles;
  11. Providing Hand Sanitizer for use by all individuals present, using contactless hand sanitizing stations when available;
  12. To the extent practicable, utilizing physical barriers such as partitions or Plexiglas at registration and check-in stations, refreshment stations, and points of sale;
  13. To the extent practicable, requiring pre-registration for all seated events to be held as part of the Convention;
  14. Implementing staggered registration and attendance times, as practicable, for patrons by using virtual queue systems or grouping patrons by name, registration level, or other variable;
  15. Reconfiguring all queues so that patrons must adhere to Social Distancing while waiting, which may include floor markings;
  16. To the extent practicable, implementing one-way aisles to guide patron traffic through large areas of booths;
  17. Discouraging handshaking, hugging, and other unnecessary person-to-person physical contact between patrons;
  18. Requiring all dining facilities to follow the criteria for restaurant dine-in services set forth in Section IV of this Executive Order titled “Restaurants & Dining Services”;
  19. If the facility is open to multiple groups of patrons or is hosting multiple events at one time, to the extent practicable, prohibiting contact between patrons of separate events and requiring sanitization of high contact surfaces within the facility between each patron group use of any shared area; and
  20. Requiring Workers to check bathrooms regularly, cleaning and sanitizing based on frequency of use, and always ensuring adequate supply of hand sanitizer, and cleaning and sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces regularly throughout times while patrons are present at the facility.

Click here for the full list of safety measures.

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