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Slip into Southern Tan and Wellness and come out a little more relaxed, a little more luminous and a little more fabulously you! This is the first-class pampering your skin and soul's been craving. All it takes is a few minutes in our luxurious, health-promoting tan and wellness beds to look sun-kissed and stunning with that just back from vacation glow. Plus, we're conveniently located in downtown Savannah at the corner of Broad and President and are open seven days a week. We offer only the highest-end, FDA-approved anti-aging infrared and red light therapies, the best sunless spray tan bed models and our brand new, improved hybrid tanning bed with red light therapy you won't find anywhere else in Savannah. Our spray tan formulations and complimentary skin care products are loaded with deeply nourishing firming ingredients your skin will drink in. Our skin therapies will leave you positively radiant.