Canal District


Quickly emerging as a vibrant hub of entertainment and recreation to the west of Historic Savannah lies a revitalized area known as the Canal District. At the district's center stage is the Enmarket Arena, a state-of-the-art multi-purpose venue that hosts an array of events, from thrilling Ghost Pirates hockey games to electrifying concerts featuring renowned artists. Beyond the arena, the Canal District is sprinkled with restaurants, shops, and green spaces, creating a lively atmosphere that complements the excitement within the arena's walls.

Explore Savannah's Canal District

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Enmarket Arena

The new Savannah Arena is transforming downtown Savannah to a premium entertainment destination. Inspired by ...

Laurel Grove Cemetery

Laurel Grove South is one Savannah’s most significant final resting places for African Americans who died in the 19th ...
laurel grove south

Laurel Grove South Cemetery

Sports Entertainment

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Publix Savannah Hockey Classic

Weeping Time

In 1859, one of the largest slave sales in U.S. history took place a short distance outside downtown Savannah. ...
A man looks at The Weeping Time Historic Marker in Savannah, Georgia

The Weeping Time Historic Marker is located two miles west of historic Savannah. 

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Canal District

The new Savannah Arena is transforming downtown Savannah to a premium…

Canal District

Diverse & Distinct

Neighborhoods & Communities

Historic and hip, Savannah’s neighborhoods are full of character. Tour the city and see gorgeous gardens, bustling boutiques, edgy artwork and stately Victorian-era homes.

Historic Landmark District

Stroll through 22 park squares and explore museums, monuments, restored 18th-century homes, boutiques and more than 100 restaurants.

Victorian District

Admire the architecture on your own or as part of a tour in this 50-block neighborhood, known as Savannah’s first suburb, featuring Forsyth Park.

Starland District

Shop for vintage clothing, vinyl records and original art while treating your taste buds to several quaint and quirky cafes in this artsy area.

Moon River District

Nature, history and the coast combine for a trifecta of experiences in Savannah's Lowcountry, just 20 minutes outside of downtown.

Hutchinson Island

Just over the Talmadge Bridge lies the newly expanded Savannah Convention Center, complimented by an award-winning golf course and resort.

Tybee Island

Featuring five pristine beaches, Tybee Island serves up fresh seafood and beach town favorites, just minutes from downtown Savannah. 


Take in a baseball game at Grayson Stadium, walk around Daffin Park, and then admire 19th and 20th-century architecture in this community.


Convenient to the airport and a quick ride from downtown, the busy district offers a range of affordable hotels, restaurants and shopping.


Take time to admire horticulture around this district and go shopping for kitschy souvenirs at Keller’s Flea Market just minutes from I-95.

Other Islands

Discover Thunderbolt, Whitemarsh, Talahi and Wilmington islands while stopping for fresh seafood when your appetite demands a break.

Canal District

Quickly emerging as a vibrant hub of entertainment to the west of Historic Savannah lies the Canal District, featuring the Enmarket Arena.

Neighboring Communities

Explore the enchanting communities surrounding Savannah. Richmond Hill, Pooler, Rincon & Garden City all offer a variety of unique attractions. 

Eastern Wharf

Whether indulging in the restaurants and rooftops or strolling along the riverfront promenade, Eastern Wharf promises an enchanting experience.

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