2023: Thriving, Not Just Surviving

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Take a look back on Visit Savannah's 2023 highlights and insights into our most recent market research study. 

"Our collaborative efforts in promoting destination Savannah have returned outstanding results. The insights we've gathered highlight what makes Savannah a world-class destination.

I am continually impressed by the collaborative spirit that defines our partnerships and the positive impact on Savannah's tourism landscape and economy. As we look ahead to new opportunities in the coming year, I am confident that our shared enthusiasm will further elevate Savannah's reputation as a must-visit destination." - Joseph Marinelli, President and CEO of Visit Savannah

A Look Back

2023 End of Year Video Recap


Step into the captivating world of Savannah, Georgia, as we unravel the tapestry of travel experiences and visitor profiles that shaped the city in 2023, during our most recent travel study. 

Witness the economic pulse of Savannah, Georgia, as revealed by our visitor spending data. The figures below underscore the city's resilience and appeal as a thriving destination for travelers. 

Visitor Spending Evolution: 

  • 2023: $4.7 Billion

    In 2023, visitor spending in Savannah surged to an impressive $4.7 billion, reflecting a continued growth in tourism and the city's increasing appeal as a premier travel destination. 

  • 2022: $4.4 Billion

    In 2022, Savannah experienced a remarkable surge in visitor spending, reaching an impressive $4.4 billion. The substantial increase reflects the city's enduring allure and the diverse range of experiences it offers to travelers. 

  • 2021: $3.3 Billion

    In 2021, Savannah maintained robust visitor spending amidst challenging circumstances worldwide. 

  • 2020: $2.8 Billion

    In the face of unprecedented global challenges, Savannah's visitor spending demonstrated the city's ability to weather economic uncertainties while being one of the first in the country to welcome visitors post-shut down. 

  • 2019: $3.1 Billion

    Once considered the high watermark for peak visitor spending, this year solidified Savannah as an exceptional destination of choice. 

  • 2018: $3 Billion

    Visitor spending in 2018 reached a significant milestone, setting the stage for subsequent years of economic growth and establishing the city as a premier destination for both leisure and business travelers. 

Our travel market profile study unveils the top visitor activities, shedding light on the interests our visitors have that contribute to Savannah's vibrant tourism landscape.  

Popular Visitor Activities:

  1. Shopping (37%)
  2. Sightseeing/Touring (36%)
  3. Landmark/Historic Site (31%)
  4. Beach/Waterfront (24%)
  5. Bar/Nightlife (22%)

Disclaimer: The information presented above is derived from the Longwoods International Travel USA Study 2023, Visitor Volume and Research Study. The data provided in this content is based on findings and insights obtained from this comprehensive study, offering a snapshot of travel trends and visitor behaviors in 2023.

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