Experience Savannah's Fall & Winter Art Scene: A Not-to-Miss List


Savannah's art scene is a testament to the city's rich cultural heritage, from vibrant galleries to outdoor sculptures. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply looking for a fun and unique afternoon, Savannah's fall & winter art scene will surely delight you. 

Below is a comprehensive list of highly recommended events you won't want to miss as we cool things down a bit.

SCAD Museum of Art

SCAD Museum of Art. Photo Courtesy of SCAD.

SCAD Museum of Art

Until - Nov. 19, 2023

  • Patrick Dougherty: 'MAKING THE BIRDS PROUD' - Patrick Dougherty is an artist who uses tree saplings and vernacular building methods to create breathtaking sculptures that showcase the beauty of nature. He is known for his expertise in weaving and bending sticks, and he only uses natural resources and sustainable materials. In October, Dougherty will collaborate with SCAD to create a sculpture commemorating the museum's 10th anniversary.

Until - Dec. 18, 2023

  • Group exhibition: 'LIKEWISE: ARTISTS PORTRAYING ARTISTS' - The Likewise exhibition at SCAD Museum of Art showcases portraits of artists by other artists, including painters, writers, and musicians. Each piece captures the subject's likeness and character while showcasing the artist's creativity. Notable works include portraits of Frida Kahlo, Marcel Proust, and Andy Warhol. The exhibition highlights the relationships between artists and reveals the exchange of admiration, inspiration, or complexity.

Until - Dec. 26, 2023

  • Xiwen Zhu : 'SOFT SHELL' - Xiwen Zhu's Soft Shell exhibition features dreamlike dioramas of urban reconstruction and natural elements. The artist blurs the line between image and object using found items and photographic materials. Xiwen Zhu captures soft glimmers and moody shadows with long exposure techniques and comments on the modern world's effect on its population. Her work highlights the need for individuals to seek protection within their shells while remaining open to the outside world.

Until - Jan. 8, 2024

  • M. Florine Démosthène: 'MASTERING THE DREAM' - Explore M. Florine Démosthène's new exhibit that blends collage and sculpture, focusing on the Black female body, transformation, and spirituality. Using paint, ink, and glitter on Mylar, she creates transparent figures cut into abstract shapes against a white background. The exhibit features a mix of cultural tradition and 3D printing technology with a nod to shrines of the Fon and Ewe peoples of Benin and Ghana.

For more information on SCAD Museum of Art exhibits, click here.

The Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in Savannah, Georgia.

The Ships of the Sea Museum was the home of William Scarbrough, a wealthy merchant and maritime enthusiast. 

Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum

Oct. 2023 - Mar. 2024

  • Outward Bound By Robert Morris - Robert Claiborne Morris, Jr. will exhibit his latest work at the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum in October 2023. Morris, a retired Chief Communications Officer for the Georgia Ports Authority, will showcase his unique perspective as an executive and his new life aboard the Swedish Storebro Royal Cruiser 34, named "Grace." The show's signature piece, "Outward Bound," is inspired by Morris's teenage survival course and his use of discipline to overcome extreme conditions.

Jepson Center & Telfair Children's Art Museum

Until - Oct. 9, 2023

  • The Age Of Armor: Treasures From The Higgins Armory Collection At The Worcester Art Museum - Personal body armor has been a fascination throughout history, used by warriors and superheroes alike. Full suits of articulated steel plates were primarily created in Europe during the late Middle Ages and Renaissance. This exhibit from the Higgins Armory Collection at the Worcester Art Museum showcases how armor was utilized and transformed due to technological advancements and evolving styles of warfare from the Middle Ages to the 17th century. The powerful objects on display were expertly crafted and cherished as the embodiment of their owners' taste, sophistication, and skill.

Oct. 1 - Nov. 1, 2023

  • Richmond Barthé: Harlem Renaissance Sculptor - Richmond Barthé was a renowned sculptor of the 20th century. He used his talent to highlight the dignity and humanity of African Americans. He created bronze statues of various figures, including important icons in Black history. His works can be found in top museum collections across America. This exhibition features two dozen of his most significant creations.

Oct. 1 - Dec. 1, 2023

  • Created Beasts: Sculpture By Ulysses Davis - The Telfair Museum showcases Ulysses Davis' wood sculptures of real and imagined creatures. As a child, he taught himself to carve wood and established a barbershop in Savannah. The exhibition includes biblical sculptures and animal images on plaques and tabletops. His whimsical carvings of animal/human hybrids and horned reptilian creatures are highlighted. Over 30 works are on display from various collections.

Dec. 1, 2023 - Jan. 1, 2024

  • 9 to 5 - The Jepson Center will be showcasing "9 to 5". All departments and sites have contributed their insights on what makes a work of art interesting. The exhibition includes an extensive collection of Telfair Museum's permanent art pieces, with some displayed for the first time. Visitors can enjoy a distinctive experience viewing the art from a new perspective, with personal insight labels provided by the museum team.

Dec. 1, 2023 - Mar. 1, 2024

  • Shattered Illusions: Reconsidering Glassware through the Lens of Care - "Shattered Illusions: Reconsidering Glassware through the Lens of Care" exhibit shows how wealthy Savannah households in the 19th century used their wealth to buy fancy glassware by exploiting enslaved and domestic labor. The exhibition aims to change the view of these dazzling pieces from attractive objects to subjects of care, featuring various colored, etched, and cut glass pieces from Telfair's collection.

For more information on Telfair Museum exhibits, click here.

african art museum

Savannah African Art Museum

Savannah African Art Museum

Until - Jan. 2024

  • Between Two Worlds: Connecting the Seen and Unseen - Experience an intriguing exhibit showcasing the intricate blend of cross-cultural beliefs. The Yoruba model is a starting point for grasping various African traditional practices. Explore how the visual display emphasizes the profound links between ancestors, communities, and cultures, both apparent and concealed.


Davenport House Museum

Oct. 2023: Every Fri. & Sat.

  • Living History: Yellow Fever in Savannah 1820 - The Davenport House Museum will host a live reenactment of the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1820. The exhibition will explore medical treatments, government response, and the experiences of ordinary citizens. Visitors will gain empathy for those affected by the epidemic.

Feb. 2024: Every Fri. & Sat.

  • “Potable Gold”: Savannah’s Madeira Tradition - Experience the history of Savannah at the Davenport House. Savor unique Madeira wine and learn about its significance. Attend a special Madeira party and explore the house at dusk while sipping two types of wine. Note that there are stairs and candlelit rooms to navigate.
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