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Nestled in the heart of Wilmington Island, just outside Savannah's bustling downtown, lies Friendship Coffee Company. More than just a caffeine haven, this local gem is a vibrant hub where friends gather, laughter spills like freshly brewed espresso, and the aroma of quality coffee beans fills the air.

Founded in 2013 by Libby Miller and Gay Fortson, Friendship Coffee Company has blossomed from a wholesale distributor to a beloved community space. Stepping inside is like stepping into a warm embrace. The spacious coffee house boasts exposed brick walls, comfy armchairs, and a buzz of conversation that blends seamlessly with the rhythmic hum of the espresso machine.

But Friendship Coffee Company is about more than just aesthetics. It's about the passion that pours into every cup. Their commitment to quality shines through in their meticulously curated selection of 100% Arabica beans, sourced from around the globe. Whether you favor the bold notes of a Columbian roast or the delicate fruitiness of an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, their expert baristas will craft the perfect cup to tantalize your taste buds.