Season 2, Episode 3: The Historic Savannah Theatre

A live performance at the Savannah Theatre in Savannah, Georgia

A live performance at the Savannah Theatre in Savannah, Georgia.

The Savannah Theatre, overlooking Chippewa Square in Savannah, Georgia, is America's oldest continuously-operating theatre on its original site. For over 200 years, the Savannah Theatre has been arguably one of Savannah's most iconic live entertainment venues, with past performers including Oscar Wilde and W.C. Fields as well as American Idol winners and Broadway stars. Built in 1818, the Savannah Theatre has survived several fires, economic depression and other challenges. In this episode, we learn from Matt and Michelle Meece, a husband and wife duo who purchased the theatre with their business partners nearly two decades ago, about their experiences renovating the theatre with their own hands and using their talent to bring exciting live performances back to the historic stage. Thanks to their vision and hard work, today the Savannah Theatre hosts a dynamic year-round repertoire of variety shows, touring groups, comedic acts and full-length musicals. The unmistakable Savannah Theatre marquee is a signature of Savannah's skyline, and the live performances continue to attract talent and audiences from around the world.  


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