Welcome to Savannah, BETA!


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Welcome to the National BETA Convention in Savannah, Georgia - a gathering that will leave a lasting impact on all attendees. In our beautiful city, we celebrate this esteemed gathering, where those who qualified through State Conventions and Leadership Summits come together to compete for the national title. This event showcases remarkable skills, creativity and passion in academic challenges, artistic performances, leadership demonstrations​ and service projects, highlighting the diverse talents and unwavering commitment of participants. We are thrilled to host you and your families!


BETA 2024 - Visit Savannah City Hosts

BETA 2024 - Visit Savannah City Hosts

Visit Savannah's City Hosts Are Dockside to Delight and Guide You

Visit Savannah is ready for you BETA! Spot our friendly City Hosts at the ferry docks, easily identifiable by their special shirts. They're here to help you with transportation and ensure you have a fantastic experience in our beautiful city. 

We've got it all "mapped" out for you! Check out our top-notch shuttle and ferry transportation information.

Let the Savannah Experience Begin!

A Warm Mayoral Welcome to Savannah

Mayor Van R. Johnson would like to personally welcome BETA to Savannah.

Welcome to Savannah!

Savannah has something for everyone. Plan your trip now and expect the unexpected.

Student Group Experiences

Savannah has plenty of fun activities that youth of all ages and their families can enjoy!

Top Things to Do in Savannah

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting allure of Savannah.

Which District Are You?

Explore the diverse districts of Savannah, Georgia!

Much More Than a Competition

The National BETA Convention is a celebration of camaraderie, friendship and shared values. It is an opportunity for young leaders to connect, learn from one another​ and forge lifelong bonds that will shape their future endeavors. Let us applaud the achievements of our participants and inspire them to reach even greater heights while embracing the charm of Savannah!

Plan Your Visit

What’s Happening in Savannah

We're "reely" excited you're here! Prepare to ignite your wanderlust with these jaw-dropping videos to aid in your travel plans. Don't keep these visual treasures to yourself—join the fun and follow @VisitSavannah on social media to share your personal faves!

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