"Rediscover Our City" Campaign

Savannahians have sheltered in place in an effort to protect our fellow residents and visitors from the pandemic sweeping our nation. But it’s almost time to reemerge. To reclaim our city. Friends and neighbors are eager to reacquaint themselves with the city they love and call home. And Visit Savannah is helping to lead the way.

This campaign, “Rediscover Our City,” is aimed at residents of our region and seeks to encourage them to go back to the restaurants they’ve savored, the shops they’ve enjoyed, and the experiences they’ve treasured. We hope they provide inspiration to our media partners and offers creative assets to share, repurpose and leverage. Comprised of three parts, the campaign welcomes old friends and new to places they love and places they may have missed. Each of the three headlines, “Rediscover Our City,” “We Missed Y’all” and “It’s Been a While” reinforce the message to get out and enjoy our city once again, and offers a message of hope, of home, and of each other.

It’ll soon be time.

"Rediscover Our City" Assets

We invite you to explore, download and utilize the following assets in the hopes of inspiring your audiences to "Rediscover Our City."

Downloadable Assets