4 Reasons Why You Need To Step Inside Georgia’s Newest Welcome Center

Forrest Gump in Chippewa Square

Forrest Gump at the I-95 Georgia Welcome Center

If you’re traveling southbound on Interstate 95, be sure to check out the newly re-opened I-95 Georgia Welcome Center. Inside, you’ll find helpful information about Savannah and Tybee Island, Savannah’s beach. Here are a few reasons why you should visit this impressive new facility.

1. Get travel info from real people

The people who work inside the I-95 Georgia Welcome Center are a traveler’s best friend — they’re experts on places to stay, restaurants and pubs, exciting events and fun facts about Savannah and Tybee Island. Ask them questions and you’ll get trustworthy answers.

2. Plenty of fun photo-ops!

After sitting in a car for hours, it’s a good idea to let loose! At the I-95 Georgia Welcome Center, there are many replicas of iconic Savannah and Tybee Island attractions. You can sit next to Forrest Gump on a bench in Savannah‘s Chippewa Square, or pretend to drive a trolley through the Historic District. At the Tybee Island section of the building, you can sit on swinging bench with Tybee‘s scenery behind you. Don’t forget to snap a photo and share it using the #VisitSavannah and/or #VisitTybee hashtags!

3. Clean restrooms

Feeling grimy after hours in the car? At the I-95 Georgia Welcome Center, there are plenty of clean, spacious restrooms with up-to-date amenities.

4. Maps, brochures and special offers

Sometimes, relying on technology falls through, which is why it’s important to have a map on hand when visiting any new city. Besides maps, hundreds of hotels, bed & breakfasts and historical places have informational pamphlets at the I-95 Georgia Welcome Center, and many of those pamphlets have great deals and coupons that aren’t found online. Don’t miss the chance to find a great bargain!

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