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The Savannah College of Art and Design is a private institution offering students and the city of Savannah a unique and inspiring learning experience. Since 1978, SCAD has become a leading art and design university, offering more than 100 degree programs in nearly 40 areas of study. SCAD empowers creativity and innovation through its rigorous and comprehensive curriculum, from traditional fine arts to cutting-edge digital media, and through immersive festivals, displays and events such as with the SCAD Museum of Art, SCAD Savannah Film Festival, SCADstory, shopSCAD and more.

Students can explore the world and gain international experience on their Savannah and Atlanta campuses, online or abroad, in Lacoste, France. Whether scholars are just beginning their creative journey or developing their professional portfolios, SCAD is the perfect place to bring their ideas to life.

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SCAD Savannah Film Festival Celebrates 25 Years

Quiet on the set! Now, please direct your attention to the shining star that is the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, as they...



shopSCAD. Photo Courtesy of SCAD.

SCAD Museum of Art

SCAD Museum of Art

SCAD Museum of Art. Photo Courtesy of SCAD.

SCAD Museum of Art Celebrates Its First Decade

Leading the way for all to see, the renowned SCAD Museum of Art is celebrating a decade of artistic genius. This ...

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An Afternoon on Madison Square

Nestled on Bull and Macon Street, Madison Square is in the heart of the historic landmark district in downtown Savannah....
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Re-de:FINING The Way We See ART

Consistently confirming itself to be the benchmark by which the creative world is developed, be sure to stay up to date on everything the Savannah College of Art and Design has in store for its students, alums, fellow artists and Savannah.

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