Savannah Hauntings at 17hundred90 Inn

On the corner of President and Lincoln is a restaurant and hotel

that for nearly two centuries has held people under its spell.

At the historic 17hundred90 Inn they tell a tale of love and loss

a familiar tale that happens all too often when stars do cross.

It's told that there was a barmaid, or house maid, by the name of Anna,

Who fell in love with a sailor who had docked here in Savannah.

He promised her the moon, the stars, all the contents of the sky,

and then he left abruptly without even saying a proper good-bye.

She waited and waited and pined before she waited some more,

they say that she waited at the window of what is today room 204.

And as is often the case in stories of love that brings about strife

when Anna realized her love was gone, she took her own life.

But Anna is not the only ghost here if you care to take a look,

the kitchen is haunted by the spirit of a long dead head cook.

The clanging of pots and pans can be heard when no one is there,

you must earn her respect to work in the kitchen by proving that you care.


Poem Written by Christopher Soucy of Odd Lot Improv.

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