Savannah Hauntings at Moon River Brewing Co.

The old City Hotel sat near Whitaker and Bay

The Moon River Brewing Company can be found there today.

Many theories and stories abound about this haunted hot spot,

Like the story about the gambler James Stark was shot.

Having insulted Doctor Minus with many a callous remark,

The good doctor saw to it that a bullet would kill Stark.

But Stark is hardly the lone ghost in the restaurant and bar,

There are spirits throughout, drawing the curious from near and far.

The upper floors are so haunted that renovations are never complete.

Construction workers have found that working there is no easy feat.

Perhaps these ghosts recall a time when a hospital was there,

With so many sick and dying spirits clinging to the walls and hanging in the air.

Whatever the cause, whatever the reason, the ghosts here are strong,

And one thing is certain – the ghosts know that this is where they belong.


Poem Written by Christopher Soucy of Odd Lot Improv.

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