These 12 Savannah Restaurants Are Worth Traveling For

Photo courtesy of Chive Seabar & Lounge

Photo courtesy of Chive Seabar & Lounge

Savannah is a food-lover’s paradise, boasting bold tastes that can satisfy a wide variety of palates. Though the Low Country is known for Southern comfort food favorites and local coastal cuisine, Savannah’s eclectic dining scene offers a unique range of culinary encounters. Combining flavorful dishes, opulent design and hospitable service, these Savannah restaurants are definitely worth the trip.

The Grey

Big names in national media and the culinary world have been following The Grey since its 2015 debut – and with good reason. Forget Michelin stars, this old Greyhound bus station is giving fancy restaurants a run for their money. Its impeccable design and top-notch food have catapulted it into the culinary spotlight. But it's not just about the food - the carefully crafted menu will have you salivating, while the renovated Art Deco interior, flawless service and charming company will have you never wanting to leave.

Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room

Founded in 1943 by a kind woman with a modest goal, Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room epitomizes Southern hospitality and home-style Southern cooking at its finest. Patrons travel near and far to share a lovingly prepared meal around Mrs. Wilkes’ decorated dining table. The comfort food is so good it'll make your soul sing. And let's be real, who doesn't want to cozy up and chow down with a bunch of strangers? It's like a family reunion without the awkward small talk. Plus, it's a historic gem, so you can impress your friends with your hip dining spot.

The Olde Pink House

Nestled beside Reynolds Square in Savannah's only standing 18th-century mansion, the iconic Olde Pink House is a testament to tradition, history​ and Southern luxury. It is an essential stop on your culinary tour through Savannah.

The seasonal menu offers a harmonic balance of sweet and savory flavors with a dish that’s composed just right for you. Coupling comfort cuisine and refined service, The Olde Pink House is one of the few places around the nation where you can enjoy an intimate candlelight dinner in the quiet corridors of a lasting architectural marvel.

Saint Bibiana

Savannah's celebrated Saint Bibiana is another excellent option for fine dining in a striking mansion. With an artful interior, an extensive wine list, and quality culinary offerings, Saint Bibiana earns high ratings across the board. Perfect for any meal of the day, their diverse Italian-inspired menu features innovative, classic dishes that are sure to satisfy!

Alligator Soul

Dive into the bayou in the heart of Savannah at Alligator Soul. This isn't your typical Southern haunt; it's where exotic meets local, and every dish has a bite of surprise. Perfect for those who like their dinners daring and their ambiance eclectic.

Common Thread

Where every dish tells a story and every ingredient has a passport. Common Thread weaves a tapestry of local flavors with a twist of global inspiration. It's the culinary equivalent of a warm, inviting quilt made by someone who knows your taste buds by name.

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Elizabeth on 37th

A fan favorite for more than three decades, Elizabeth on 37th embodies the quintessential Southern dining experience that’s unique to Savannah. Locally sourced seafood, produce and home-grown flora are the hallmarks of Elizabeth’s Southern coastal cuisine. Savannah’s natural beauty provides a salient backdrop against the turn-of-the-century architecture and the Southern traditional interior décor. A feast for the eyes and a feast for the appetite are commonplace at Elizabeth.

Chive Seabar & Lounge

Chive Seabar & Lounge is where the ocean gets its well-deserved spotlight. With a vibe as slick as its cocktails, this spot serves up seafood with a side of sass. It's the perfect place to catch waves of flavor and sea-sational dining experiences.

Garibaldi's Savannah

Step into Garibaldi's and take a trip to Italy, minus the flight. With its opulent gold ceilings and classic cuisine, this restaurant is a love letter to Italian grandeur written in marinara. For those who believe pasta is a food group and romance isn't dead.

Stone & Webster Chophouse

Here, the steaks are as solid as the name suggests. Stone & Webster Chophouse offers a no-nonsense, meat-centric dining experience with a side of sophistication in Savannah's Plant Riverside District. It's where you go to celebrate big wins or to simply savor life, one succulent cut at a time.

Brochu's Family Tradition

Brochu's is like an extended family reunion—only better because no one asks why you're still single. Serving comfort food that hugs your soul, this spot keeps traditions alive and your plate full. It's down-home cooking with a heart.

Green Truck Neighborhood Pub

Green Truck Neighborhood Pub is your eco-friendly pit stop for all things delicious and conscientious. Known for its locally sourced ingredients and irresistible burgers, this is where good food and good vibes meet. Perfect for fueling up without the guilt.

Feel free to plan your next visit to Savannah around these priceless dining establishments. Hey, we'll even meet you there - see you soon!

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