Savannah Hauntings at the Sorrel Weed House

On Madison Square there sits a house of impressive ghostly repute,
A house that is home to tragedy, and the spirits that follow suit.
According to Savannah legend, which after all, is what ghost stories are,
The events of that house had left behind a deep spiritual scar.
Francis Sorrel, a man of wealth, took Lucinda for a bride,
but fate is cruel and within five years dear Lucinda died.
So Lucinda's sister Matilda is next for Francis to wed,
But madness took ahold of her and she too became quite dead.
Though mysteries abound and ghost hunters may rave,
that the deaths could be the result of a voodoo practicing slave,
the square itself had the Revolution knocking on the door,
the ground around the home was littered by the victims of that war.
You may indeed experience the ghostly happenings there,
be careful at the midnight hour and take special care,
for many have seen a woman in black walking around the site,
and she may be looking for company for longer than one night.


Poem Written by Christopher Soucy of Odd Lot Improv.

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