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River Street

Savannah’s iconic River Street is a popular hub for locals and visitors alike. This historic cobblestone-lined street is home to more than 75 boutiques, galleries, artists’ studios, restaurants and pubs, all of which are housed in one-time cotton warehouses. Located along the Savannah River, River Street is the ultimate spot for relaxing by the water and ship-watching – dozens of giant container ships pass by daily!

Where to Stay on River Street

Hyatt Regency Savannah

Hyatt Regency Savannah

Where to Shop on River Street

Housed in one-time cotton warehouses, there are more than 75 boutiques, galleries, artists' studios, restaurants and ...

Get Treated Like River Street Royalty

Moss + Oak Savannah Eatery

Moss + Oak Savannah Eatery

Fun Facts About River Street

Part of Savannah’s iconic Southern charm is the city’s mystery. Savannah’s secrets are many, and there’s always ...
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Snapshots of Savannah

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