Savannah Hauntings at the Savannah Theater

On Chippewa Square there sits a historic stage of the arts

a place of song and dance that captures audience's hearts.

But this Savannah theater has ghosts and spirits that can often be seen

because of its long, mysterious history, beginning in 1818.

Of the many ghosts that inhabit the historic theater space

Three are more noted, for all three died in the place.

The first an actress called Betty, seen most often upon the stage

ready to perform still in costume from another age.

The second ghost is the child, found in the balcony most nights,

a mischievous boy who plays pranks and loves causing frights.

But perhaps the ghost most experienced at this haunted spot

simply known as "the director", he's the easiest ghost caught.

The director shouts his directions from his seat in the dark

he cannot stand poor performances and actors who can't hit their mark.

The Savannah Theatre is oldest continually running theater in the United States,

and this historic building all of its spirits and all of their fates.

Poem Written by Christopher Soucy of Odd Lot Improv.

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