10 Extremely Unique Savannah Experiences

Located in the heart of Savannah, Perry Lane Hotel invites guests to immerse themselves in all that is Savannah. This luxury hotel boasts 167 refreshingly elegant guest rooms, including 12 luxurious suites, three lively food and beverage venues and 10 unique Savannah experiences that are exclusive to Perry Lane guests.

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Perry Lane Hotel.

Perry Lane Hotel.

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Unique Experiences at Perry Lane Hotel

Rooftop Yoga at Perry Lane Hotel

Rooftop Yoga at Perry Lane Hotel.

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Architectural Tours of Savannah

Architectural Tours of Savannah

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Perry Lane Hotel Lending Library

Perry Lane Hotel library

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Unique Savannah Experiences

The Perry Lane Hotel is dedicated to sharing the true spirit of Savannah with every guest. No matter your personal interests, the following 10 unique Savannah experiences are sure to surprise, delight and inspire you.

  1. Private Architectural Tours

  2. Artist in Residence & Artist Studio Classes

  3. Discover the Lowcountry by Water

  4. Byrd Cookie Experience

  5. Guitar Experiences

  6. Lending Library

  7. Afternoon Tea in the Library

  8. Shopping Experience 

  9. Savannah Bee Company Experience

  10. Yoga Experience