Savannah's EV Charging Network: Driving Sustainable Mobility


Ah, Savannah, a city renowned for its compelling allure and indelible southern hospitality, is also embarking on a transformative journey towards a sustainable future with remarkable determination. With an unwavering commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices, Savannah has been diligently expanding its electric car charging infrastructure, ensuring seamless accessibility for both residents and visitors alike.

Join us on this ride-along as we recognize the array of cutting-edge car charging stations that now grace our city, including the electrifying news of an electric vehicle plant that stands as a resounding testament to Savannah's unwavering dedication to sustainability.

Charging Stations in Savannah

In its forward-thinking pursuit of sustainability, Savannah has astutely recognized the paramount importance of providing EV owners with convenient and readily accessible charging options. The city proudly boasts a meticulously planned network of charging stations, each strategically situated throughout its key locations to ensure seamless connectivity and ease of use. Among the establishments that have embraced this environmentally conscious initiative are:

1. Savannah Hotels:

Several hotels in Savannah have embraced the EV revolution by installing charging stations on their premises. Notable examples include The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort & Spa, JW Marriott Plant Riverside District, Thompson Savannah, Kimpton Brice Hotel and the Perry Lane Hotel. These thoughtfully planned charging stations grant discerning guests the utmost convenience, enabling them to effortlessly replenish their vehicles' energy reserves while immersing themselves in the city's captivating allure. Peruse through our meticulously curated collection of exquisite accommodations and extend your inquiries to uncover the intricate details of their exceptional charging station amenities.

2. Parking Garages:

In a savvy move to satisfy the "current" desires of EV enthusiasts, multiple parking garages in Savannah have hopped on the electric bandwagon by adding charging stations to their already impressive facilities. The Liberty Street Parking Garage, Bryan Street Parking Garage, Eastern Wharf Parking Garage, State Street Parking Garage​ and Whitaker Street Parking Garage are just a few of the hot spots where drivers can juice up their rides while parked. And if that's not enough, there are even more electrifying options to discover. Find out about additional parking garages and on-street charging options here.

4. Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport:

Savannah's pledge to sustainability seamlessly extends its green ethos to the bustling Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport. This visionary airport has installed an impressive array of charging stations strategically dispersed throughout its expansive parking lots, empowering travelers to effortlessly charge their electric vehicles while conveniently away.

3. Car Dealerships:

Of course, Savannah's car dealerships have also recognized the growing demand for EVs and have responded by installing charging stations on their premises. Dealerships such as Critz BMW, Southern Motors Honda​ and Vaden Nissan of Savannah offer charging stations to their customers, making it convenient for EV owners to charge their vehicles while shopping or servicing their cars.

5. Grocery Stores:

Recognizing the importance of sustainability in everyday life, several grocery stores in Savannah have also installed car charging stations. Kroger, Whole Foods Market​ and Publix are among the grocery stores that offer charging stations, enabling shoppers to charge their vehicles while running errands.

Hyundai's Electric Vehicle Plant

In addition to the existing charging infrastructure, Savannah is set to become an even more prominent player in the EV industry with the arrival of Hyundai's first U.S. electric vehicle plant. The $7.6 billion plant, located west of Savannah, is Hyundai's first factory dedicated solely to producing EVs in the United States. With production on track for 2025, this "metaplant" is a testament to Savannah's commitment to sustainability and its role in shaping the future of electric transportation.

Savannah's electrifying efforts to amp up its electric car charging infrastructure are forging ahead. And now, with the buzz-worthy announcement of Hyundai's first U.S. electric vehicle plant setting up shop in Savannah, the city is showing off its spark as a top contender in the race towards eco-friendly transportation. The future is looking brighter and greener, thanks to Savannah's electrifying leadership in the EV revolution.

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