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Lillian Grant-Baptiste; Celebrant/Storyteller/Speaker

Photo courtesy of Lillian Grant-Baptiste; Celebrant/Storyteller/Speaker

Savannah is known for fantastic shopping and dining from historic Broughton Street to the up-and-coming Starland District. Our small business community is buzzing with entrepreneurs, artists and culinary aficionados with many black-owned businesses leading the way.

We’re highlighting a few Savannah businesses where you can shop black and continue to strengthen our wonderfully diverse community.

Kims Cafe

Kims Café is easily one of the most popular spots in Savannah. Locals and tourists alike flock to the café to enjoy the delicious food and warm hospitality. Their menu consists of classic Southern comfort food, such as breakfast sandwiches on Texas toast, french toast, waffles, shrimp and grits, fried chicken, cheeseburgers, greens, mac and cheese and so much more. This delicious family-first atmosphere will feel like coming home.

Footprints of Savannah Walking Tours

Savannah historian Vaughnette Goode-Walker keeps Savannah’s black history alive through vivid storytelling and historical accounts of the enslaved people who shaped our diverse community. The Footprints of Savannah Walking Tour explores the story of urban slavery, the slave trade and the Cotton trade throughout Savannah. 

Dottie's Market

Dottie's Market is a delicious gem that delights locals and visitors alike. This charming market is a culinary haven, offering a unique and diverse selection of gourmet foods, artisanal products, and specialty ingredients.
Step inside Dottie's Market, and you'll be greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. The shelves are lined with carefully curated products, sourced from local farmers, artisans, and purveyors. From farm-fresh produce and handcrafted cheeses to homemade pies and exotic spices, Dottie's is a treasure trove for food enthusiasts and passionate home cooks.

Savannah Sauce Company

The delicious secret in the sauce is love at Savannah Sauce Company. This Georgia-based company is loved for its locally sourced, ready-made natural jams, BBQ sauces, marinades, hot sauces, ketchups, salsa and much more. Founder Mike Roberson allocates profits from sales towards the good of the community, including his developed program "Tiny Homes for Big Heroes," supplying homes for Savannah's homeless veterans. These delicious sauces can be found at Whole Foods, farmers' markets and several other local retailers.

Savannah Black History Tours

Savannah Black History Tours offer a unique opportunity to explore black history, from the dark days of enslavement to the inspiring success stories of Black leaders and communities. With twenty different sites to visit, including video, music, and interactive exhibits, each ninety-minute tour is a journey of engagement and celebration. You'll see everything from churches and libraries to town squares and parks. And with a shuttle bus that accommodates up to twelve people, you can bring a friend along for the ride. Join them and experience the journey for yourself.

Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant

Good Times Jazz Bar and Restaurant was born out of the Southern tradition of soul food, cozy cocktails, and toe-tapping jazz. Hall of Fame Chef, Joe Randall, serves up a culinary lineup that perfectly accompanies their live music acts. As one of the city’s best places to grab brunch, try their Sunday Gospel Brunch for an experience unlike any other!

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Cedric Smith Studio

This Savannah-based self-taught painter and photographer draws on a wide range of influences and sources to express his poignant observations of African American life in the South. Like so many great Black Southern artists, Cedric Smiths' work is inspired by the absence of and negative portrayals of African Americans in the advertising of popular brands. His online gallery features many one-of-a-kind pieces, and his work can be viewed around town at many popular spots. 

Lillian Grant-Baptiste

Lillian Grant-Baptiste is a Celebrant, Storyteller, and Speaker known for her captivating and engaging presentations. With her unique blend of storytelling, cultural knowledge, and personal experiences, Lillian brings stories to life and creates meaningful connections with her audience. Whether she is sharing tales from her own heritage, exploring historical narratives, or delivering inspiring messages, Lillian's dynamic presence and storytelling prowess leave a lasting impact on those who have the pleasure of hearing her speak.

The Freedom Trail Tour

Embark on Savannah's historic Freedom Trail Tour, tracing the footsteps of freedom fighters. Immerse in captivating stories, visit significant landmarks, and discover the city's rich African-American heritage. Uncover the past, embrace the present, and celebrate resilience.

Pin Point Heritage Museum

Step into the compelling world of the Pin Point Heritage Museum, where you'll discover the vibrant Gullah-Geechee culture and the rich history of the Pin Point community. Immerse yourself in interactive exhibits, personal stories and artifacts that showcase the unique traditions, crafts and contributions of this remarkable community. Experience the spirit of resilience and celebrate the legacy of Pin Point at this must-visit gallery.

Sabreee's Gullah Art Gallery

Step into the vibrant world of Sabreee's Gullah Art Gallery, where art and culture collide. Get ready to be captivated by the colorful masterpieces that celebrate the rich heritage of the Gullah-Geechee community. With events and workshops that bring traditions to life, this gallery is a cultural hotspot that'll make your artistic senses tingle with delight.

40 Acres and a Mule Tour

Step back in time with the 40 Acres and a Mule Tour, where history unfolds before your eyes. Join in as they delve into the profound legacy of emancipation and the promise of land ownership for formerly enslaved individuals. Discover the struggles, triumphs and resilience of those who fought for their freedom and the pursuit of the American dream. This engaging excursion will result in you feeling enlightened, motivated and gaining a more profound comprehension of our mutual past.

Savannah is truly a melting pot of a variety of cultures and small businesses. These black-owned businesses are just a few ways to support our local community while learning more of the South’s deep-rooted history.

Savannah Black Heritage & Cultural Experiences

From historic sites and museums to the city's thriving black-owned businesses of today, Savannah's African American culture and rich heritage are important and noteworthy chapters in our city's story.

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