Season 2, Episode 1: The Graveface Museum


In this episode, we sit down with local entrepreneur and collector of the rare and peculiar, Ryan Graveface. This interview was recorded onsite at his unique museum experience, the Graveface Museum, located on Factor’s Walk in downtown Savannah. This extraordinary museum features rotating collections of macabre curiosities, and is also a record store, oddity shop and pinball arcade. We discuss everything from true crime to UFOs to the unexplainable occurrences that happen daily in the museum. Not only is Ryan one of the nation’s largest private curators of the dark and uncommon, he’s also an accomplished musician and composer! All of the music featured in today’s episode is original work form his company, Terror Vision Records & Video. You can also visit the flagship Graveface location in Savannah's Starland District. Beware: this episode may cause chills, discomfort and a general sense of mystery.


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