Explore Savannah on Wheels

There's no better way to discover Savannah than on the seat of two wheels. Savannah on Wheels is prepared to take you up close and personal to the unspoken enchantment that IS Savannah, Georgia. 

It's time to grab that handlebar with both hands as you embark on a unique experience with a few witty strangers or your closest friends during an authentic bonding experience.

Savannah On Wheels is your expert guide to everything Savannah through a carefully curated itinerary of historic downtown. You'll find that there's no need to rush this journey. Our beloved city beckons you to slow down. Take it all in as you venture into the heart of the city, absorbing every floral smell, architectural touch and energetic sound. This fantastic team provides Savannah's history, as well as restaurant, entertainment, and solo exploration insider tips.

From group outings to girls' trips, quality family time, bachelors, bachelorettes and solo riders - many boast that this is the only way to "drive." Explore breathtaking routes as nostalgic childhood days come rushing back through coastal breezes, tickling your face. Everything you need for the two-hour ride is provided for you. If you'd like to explore the city a while longer after the tour, keep the bike to create your own adventure through a trusty map provided for you. Rent a bike anytime for an entire day or longer if a tour is not on the agenda. Savannah On Wheels can arrange personalized family tours, special events, date nights, team-building packages and much more through a path you never knew existed.

Be prepared to create memories, make new friends, learn something new, laugh hysterically and fall in love with this alluring city. Savannah On Wheels is the ideal route to make your Savannah visit complete.

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