How Anjuli King is Transforming Group Travel in Savannah

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Anjuli King, Director of Domestic Group Tour & Entertainment Sales

When it comes to group travel, most people envision stuffy motorcoaches, bland buffets and strict schedules. But fret not, dear wanderers! Enter stage left: Anjuli King, the precocious firecracker Director of Domestic Group Tour & Entertainment Sales for Visit Savannah, is revolutionizing the way we experience group travel. Hailing from the heart of Savannah, she's not just an informal socialite but also a confidant (pour your heart out to her, darling!) and a savant when it comes to all things Savannah. Forget the cookie-cutter tours and hotel bookings, Anjuli's got you covered with a one-of-a-kind, authentic experience of this enchanting city.

Anjuli is rolling up her sleeves to sift through the grit and tradition to uncover the true essence of Savannah. She understands that group travel should be more than just a checklist of tourist attractions. Instead, she encourages visitors to engage with ‌local culture, explore hidden gems​ and create lasting memories.

Discovering Savannah's Culinary Delights

Anjuli's insider knowledge of Savannah's culinary scene is unparalleled. Being a certified "foodie" herself, she recommends a variety of group dining spots that showcase the city's diverse flavors and vibrant atmosphere. Here are some of her top picks: 

1. Carey Hilliard: Carey Hilliard is a beloved institution in Savannah, known for its mouthwatering Southern cuisine and warm hospitality. Groups can indulge in classic dishes like fried chicken, barbecue ribs and seafood platters, all served with generous portions and a side of Southern charm. With its welcoming atmosphere and delicious comfort food, Carey Hilliard is a must-visit for groups looking to experience the true flavors of Savannah. 

2. Churchill's Restaurant and Pub: satisfy your cravings for a mash-up of British and Southern flavors at Churchill's Restaurant and Pub. Dive into traditional favorites like fish and chips, shepherd's pie, and bangers and mash while basking in the charming and snug atmosphere. Trust us, it's bloody brilliant.

3. Tubby's Tank House Thunderbolt: nestled in the charming Thunderbolt 'hood, Tubby's Tank House brings a splash of deliciousness to waterfront dining. Get ready to feast on oceanic delights like shrimp, oysters and crab, all while soaking up stunning river views. Whether you're a local or just passing through, this laid-back haunt is a must-visit for all seafood lovers.

 4. Java Burrito: for a unique fusion of flavors, Java Burrito is the go-to spot. This innovative eatery combines the best of Mexican cuisine with the convenience of a quick-service restaurant. Groups can customize their burritos, tacos or bowls with a variety of fresh ingredients, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a quick and delicious meal as well as an insanely good cup of Joe. 

5. 45 Bistro: tucked away in the charming core of Savannah's historic district lies 45 Bistro — the ultimate destination for group gatherings. With its posh atmosphere and a menu boasting modern American fare, they are the bee's knees for fancy occasions or a swanky evening out. From flawlessly grilled steaks to scrumptious seafood delicacies, 45 Bistro will have your taste buds doing a happy dance, even if they're the pickiest of the bunch.

6. The Pirates' House: immerse yourself in Savannah's rich history at The Pirates' House, a legendary establishment that dates back to the 18th century. This iconic restaurant offers a unique dining experience in a historic setting. Groups can enjoy Southern classics like fried chicken, shrimp and grits and pecan pie while exploring the restaurant's intriguing pirate-themed decor. 

7. The Lady & Sons: no culinary journey through Savannah would be complete without a visit to The Lady & Sons, the renowned restaurant owned by celebrity chef Paula Deen. Known for its Southern comfort food, this establishment serves up hearty dishes like fried chicken, collard greens and macaroni and cheese. Groups can savor the flavors of the South while experiencing the warm hospitality that Savannah is famous for. 

8. B. Matthew's Eatery: for a taste of Savannah's vibrant brunch scene, B. Matthew's Eatery is a must-visit. This cozy eatery offers a diverse menu featuring Southern-inspired breakfast and lunch options. From fluffy pancakes to savory sandwiches, B. Matthew's is the perfect spot to start your day or enjoy a leisurely brunch with your group. 

Additionally, Anjuli's personal favorites include Randy's BBQ, Munchie's BBQ & Soul Food, Chive Seabar & Lounge and Mrs. Wilkes, where groups can savor the authentic flavors of Savannah's barbeque, coastal and Southern culture.

Lifelong Sisterhood Begins Here

In Savannah, the birthplace of the Girl Scouts, Anjuli King ensures that groups engage with this iconic organization and its rich history. She encourages visits to the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace, where groups can explore exhibits and learn about the Girl Scouts' mission. Anjuli also collaborates with local troops to offer tailored programs, community service opportunities and support for the Girl Scout Cookie Program. By incorporating these experiences, groups can empower young girls, foster leadership skills and honor the legacy of the Girl Scouts in Savannah.

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Empowering Student Activities

Recognizing the importance of student activities, Anjuli King actively promotes educational experiences for young travelers. In 2025, Savannah will host the prestigious Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), showcasing the city's commitment to providing enriching opportunities for students. Anjuli's dedication to fostering educational travel experiences ensures that young minds can explore Savannah's history, culture​ and natural beauty in a meaningful way. 

Embracing Savannah's Festivals

Anjuli is not only a passionate advocate for group travel but also an active member of the Juneteenth Festival Committee. She's all about embracing variety and unity, ensuring that guests soak up the spirited vibes of Savannah's yearly shindigs. From the Savannah Music Festival to the Greek Festival and Jazz Festival to Juneteenth, Anjuli ensures that groups‌ inundate themselves in the city's rich cultural tapestry and create unforgettable memories. 

Revealing the Beloved and Oceanic Gems of Tybee Island

No visit to Savannah is complete without a trip to Tybee Island, and Anjuli knows just how to make it an extraordinary experience. Not only is Tybee Island recognized for its unspoiled beaches and charming coastal atmosphere, but it is also home to the largest breeding ground for bottle-nose dolphins. Anjuli encourages groups to embark on dolphin-watching excursions, allowing them to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. Additionally, she praises the Tybee Post Theater, a historic gem that offers a unique blend of live entertainment and cultural experiences. 

Anjuli has the inside scoop, the hometown pride​ and the determination to deliver group travelers the real deal in Savannah. She'll have you savoring the local delicacies, partying at the hottest festivals and digging up treasures on Tybee Island like a pro. Trust us, with Anjuli leading the way, your group trip will be anything but ordinary. Consider her your personal passport to an adventure in Savannah.

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