Reasons to Visit Savannah in the Spring


Forsyth Fountain

It's no secret spring is one of Savannah's most popular seasons. They say that April showers bring May flowers, but Savannah can proudly boast great weather almost all spring long. 

With that being said, there are tons of activities, festivals and great ways to spend your days whenever you visit this time of year. 

Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade

The annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is one of Savannah's most popular events of the year. In fact, it's the third-largest parade in the world! People from far and wide gather in our city to celebrate this fun holiday. Each year, the crowds grow larger and the performances more spectacular. The atmosphere is something uniquely Savannah and a day you don't want to miss!

Riverboat Cruises

Instead of strolling along River Street, although that’s a fun activity to do when the weather’s nice, try riding a riverboat cruise. The Savannah Riverboat Cruises are the towering yet beautiful red and white ships that dock on River Street. This particular cruise takes you up and down the Savannah River with the option of being a passenger for dinner, lunch/brunch or sunset. Enjoy a delicious meal, entertainment and a beautiful view of Savannah's historic waterfront!

Prime Time for Music Festivals & Performances

Savannah hosts a variety of festivals throughout the year, and the spring is no exception, especially for music lovers. There's the 17-day Savannah Music Festival, which celebrates music of all sounds and genres. Classical music lovers will sway to the enchanting sounds of the Savannah Philharmonic's Phil the Neighborhoods free concert in Chippewa Square. No matter your musical preferences, Savannah's springtime event calendar is guaranteed to please!

Go Beyond the Gates of Historic Gardens

If you've ever been one to peek between the bars of Savannah's historic neighborhood iron gates in downtown, you might be most interested in this spring event. The Annual NOGS Tour of Hidden Gardens tour unlocks the gates of select private and historic gardens north of Gaston Street, allowing visitors to explore at their leisure. An elegant Garden Party will be served at the Green-Meldrim House, a National Historic Landmark located on Madison Square. Proceeds from this tour are donated to various organizations around Savannah.

Start of Beach Weather

As the rain begins to clear and the temperature starts to rise, the beach becomes a very popular place during the springtime in Savannah. With access to numerous riverways as well as Tybee Island, it’s quite easy to find a spot in the sun. Tybee Island has many options for the more adventurous water-goers who might be interested in kayaking or jet skiing. Of course, planting a chair in the sand is always acceptable!

Lounge in the Shade at Forsyth Park

Spanish moss drapes from live oak trees all over our city. Visitors come to Savannah all year to appreciate both the sunshine and the shade. Head over to Forsyth Park for a lazy afternoon spent ‌admiring Savannah.

Explore Historical Sites

Although Savannah is most known for its Historic Downtown and other vibrant districts, our city also has a few other hidden treasures that make for a wonderful, family-friendly day trip. For hikers and outdoorsy folks, try Wormsloe State Historic Site or the Oatland Island Wildlife Center (which is home to a collection of native animals!). Savannah's Moon River District is also a great place to visit as it's home to a variety of state parks as well as the University of Georgia’s Aquarium.

Spring in Savannah boasts a ton of activities, festivals and great ways to spend your days whenever you visit this time of year. Check out our seasonal specials to save on your upcoming spring getaway!

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