Where to Find the Best Shrimp and Grits in Savannah


Indulge in one of our most cherished Southern favorites - shrimp and grits.

When it comes to iconic Southern cuisine, few dishes can match the allure of shrimp and grits. This mouthwatering combination of plump shrimp and creamy grits is a true Southern classic that the Savannah culinary scene does very well and in various ways. So, if you're on the hunt for the best shrimp and grits in Savannah, look no further.

We've compiled a list of some fantastic restaurants where you can savor this delectable dish to your heart's content.


Vic's on the River

Enjoy a gorgeous view of River Street while you savor Vic's on the River's version of this classic dish, featuring stone ground cheddar grits, applewood smoked bacon, and rosemary barbecue sauce. Want some extra flair? Add a Maine lobster tail to your order.

The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a Savannah culinary institution, so naturally, they have their own unique and delicious take on shrimp and grits. Their version features country ham gravy, cheddar grits cakes, and collard greens, which combine to make a truly Southern and scrumptious dish.


The Public Kitchen & Bar

With a modern and welcoming atmosphere, The Public Kitchen & Bar serves comfort food with a contemporary twist. Their rich and delicious "Savannah Shrimp & Grits" features cheddar-bacon grits, local shrimp, sweet peas, chorizo, tomatoes, and sherry cream.

The Shrimp Factory

True to its name, The Shrimp Factory specializes in all things shrimp, and its shrimp and grits are a must-try. This dish boasts succulent jumbo shrimp sauteed in a garlic butter chardonnay sauce over house-made grits and topped with fresh green onions, diced tomatoes, and candied ham.

ARCO Cocktail Lounge + Coastal Fare

ARCO offers a chic and trendy ambiance in a gorgeous historic building. Their version of shrimp and grits combines local Savannah shrimp, creamy stone grits, and crispy baked applewood bacon.

B. Matthew's Eatery

B. Matthew's is a local favorite known for its contemporary American cuisine. Featuring shrimp, tasso ham, and cherry heirloom tomatoes in a white wine cream sauce, served over stone-ground grits, and topped with smoked bacon collard greens, pepper jack, and green onions, this mouthwatering version of shrimp and grits captures the true essence of the Lowcountry.


Huey's Restaurant.

Huey's on the River

If you're looking for a taste of New Orleans in Savannah, Huey's is the place to go. Their Creole-inspired shrimp and grits feature Wild Georgia shrimp on a bed of parmesan grits smothered in Huey's special Cajun sauce and served with French bread to sop up every last bite.

Alligator Soul

Alligator Soul is known for eclectic Southern dining focusing on sustainable, locally sourced ingredients. Their shrimp and grits feature wild-caught Carolina shrimp sauteed in a white wine lemon butter sauce with creole spices, stone-ground Georgia grits, smoked gouda and bacon, and red onion marmalade.

The historic Pirates' House in Savannah, Georgia.

The Pirates' House in Savannah was once the playground for real pirates and wayward travelers. 

The Pirates’ House

Steeped in history, The Pirates' House offers a taste of the past and its delightful shrimp and grits. This dish includes sauteed shrimp tossed with andouille sausage, onions, and peppers in a rich cream sauce over stone-ground grits.


Rhett serves up coastal cuisine that celebrates the bounty of the Lowcountry – and its shrimp and grits are no exception. Their take features local Georgia white prawns, spicy tomato gravy, jalapeno, heirloom cherry tomatoes, scallions, and chili oil for a dish that will ignite and delight your taste buds.

22 Square Restaurant

22 Square Restaurant

22 Square offers contemporary Southern cuisine in the stylish Andaz Savannah hotel. Its "Andaz Shrimp and Grits" includes melted leeks, smoked pork belly, cheddar, and blackened cream sauce for a unique take on the classic dish.

Boar's Head Grill & Tavern

Boar's Head Grill & Tavern is a hidden gem known for its warm atmosphere and delectable dishes. Their shrimp and grits feature shrimp and andouille sausage sauteed with sweet red peppers in a Cajun spice butter and creamy cheddar cheese grits.

The Ordinary Pub - exterior

The Ordinary Pub

The Ordinary Pub offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere and specializes in reimagining classic pub fare with a new Americano culinary twist. Their take on shrimp and grits includes sauteed shrimp, stone-ground cheese grits, southern spicy tomatoes, scallions, and pickled red and turmeric onions.


a.Lure showcases the best of Southern seafood cuisine, and their shrimp and grits are not to be missed. With plump shrimp, peppers, onions, leeks, smoked bacon, cream gravy, and stone-ground grits, this dish will surely please your taste buds.

45 Bistro

45 Bistro prides itself on providing a sophisticated dining experience and upscale American cuisine. Their shrimp and grits feature Wild Georgia shrimp with local stone ground grits, tasso gravy, and crispy Vidalia onion rings.

Tubby's Seafood River Street

Situated on historic River Street, Tubby's Seafood offers scenic views and delicious seafood. Tubby's version of shrimp and grits includes sauteed shrimp with crispy bacon, sweet onion, and savory cream skillet sauce, served over stone-ground grits.

The search for the best shrimp and grits in Savannah makes for one delicious adventure. Each of these restaurants showcases the diversity and creativity of the city's culinary scene. So don't miss out on the opportunity to savor this delightful Southern dish at any – or all – of these fantastic dining establishments!

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