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The purpose of the Big Bon Family is to coach our team members with business and life skills while creating memorable experiences around great food.

est. 2016 // Big Bon Pizza
It all began with pizza on wheels, Big Bon’s first born child. Bringing special events, Neapolitan style pizza and wood fired yum-yums in and around Savannah Georgia.

est. 2019 // Big Bon Bodega
It was time for a home base for our team. Stemming from the concept of a “mom and pop shop, corner store, or bodega”, Big Bon Bodega was born. Our bagels are boiled in malt and honey water, a take on traditional Montreal style bagels.

Swing by Big Bon Bodega located on 2011 Bull Street Savannah GA, and have some wood fired bagels today or at your next catering gig.

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