11 Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Savannah


In Savannah, being a vegan or vegetarian doesn't mean missing out on delicious dining experiences. The city is embracing the growing demand for plant-based options, with various restaurants offering creative and flavorful dishes to please every palate.

Check out our list of top-notch restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian options that will delight your taste buds.

Fox & Fig Cafe quinoa breakfast sandwich

For Coffee and Vegan Treats

Henny Penny is a delightful café and family-friendly art space that offers phenomenal baked goods and craft coffee beverages. Don't miss out on their vegan specialties, including freshly made vegan donuts and their vegan "niçoise” salad.

The Sentient Bean is a coffeehouse offering vegan and vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner delights. This spot has something for everyone, from hearty vegan tacos to mouthwatering salads. Don't forget to pair your meal with a cup of their ethically sourced coffee.

Vegetarian Salad at Kayak Kafé.

Vegetarian Salad at Kayak Kafé.

For Traditional Plant-Based Vegan and Vegetarian Fare

From falafel and hummus to roasted vegetables and lentil soup, Shuk Savannah's vegan menu is a feast for the senses. Each dish is packed with flavor and made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, making it a great choice for health-conscious diners.

The Crispy Black-Eyed Pea Cake Sandwich at B. Matthews Eatery is a must-try for anyone looking for a delicious and healthy vegan sandwich option. Made with crispy black-eyed pea cakes, fresh veggies, and a tangy remoulade sauce, this sandwich is bursting with flavor. What's even better is that all the ingredients used in this sandwich are organic and fresh, making it a guilt-free indulgence.

Java Burrito is a delicious and inviting spot for anyone looking for vegan options. Their menu features a variety of delicious build-your-own burritos, bowls, salads, tacos and quesadillas that cater to different dietary needs and preferences. Some of their popular vegan options include beyond meat, fresh and grilled veggies, potatoes, and beans all seasoned to perfection.

Kayak Kafe has two convenient locations around town and offers a delightful mix of vegan and vegetarian options to please any discerning palate. Their menu features fresh and locally sourced ingredients with plant-based options like vegan tacos, burritos, sandwiches, salads, and bowls.


For Exotic Vegan and Vegetarian Eats

The menu at Zunzi’s Takeout & Catering is inspired by South African, Swiss, Italian, and Dutch cuisines. Zunzi's caters to vegans and vegetarians with a scrumptious selection of flavorful salads and hearty wraps with an international twist. The bold spices and diverse ingredients promise a delightful culinary adventure.

For those craving the flavors of India, Namaste Savannah is the place to be. Savor delicious vegetarian and vegan Indian cuisine, including aromatic curries, flavorful samosas, and freshly baked naan bread. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a perfect spot for a delightful Indian feast.

Another top spot for Indian cuisine, Naan on Broughton, caters to vegetarians with a diverse selection of plant-based dishes. From creamy coconut-based curries to flavorful lentil stews, Naan on Broughton offers an authentic taste of India in the heart of Savannah.

Boomy's is a hidden gem for Thai and Vietnamese food enthusiasts seeking vegan and vegetarian options. Their menu showcases traditional dishes skillfully prepared without animal products. With aromatic herbs and spices, each dish bursts with authentic flavors that are sure to impress your taste buds.

Leopold's Ice Cream

Leopold's Ice Cream

For Vegan and Vegetarian Dessert

Indulging in creamy ice cream doesn't have to be off-limits for vegans in Savannah. Leopold's Ice Cream is a staple in Savannah and features a range of vegan ice cream flavors, such as strawberry, mint chocolate chip, vanilla, and mocha. They also offer delicious options like vegan sorbets and floats to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool in the Savannah heat.

From soul-soothing comfort foods to exotic international cuisines, Savannah's vegan and vegetarian scene has something to offer everyone. So, whether you're a local or a visitor looking to explore the city's diverse culinary landscape, try some of these fantastic plant-based options!

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